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New! Enhanced Warranty Coverage for Fleet Companies

When our dealerships team up with Ford of Canada and say we want to dominate the Fleet and Commercial market, we had to step it up and offer what businesses need most. Vehicles are becoming smarter and more efficient every model year. They have exploded with technology and features most of us wouldn’t have even dreamed of 10 years ago.

That’s all great, but what about the nitty, gritty? What about 3 years down the road when you’ve got a fleet of vehicles that have 100,000+ kms??

Maintaining leadership position in the Commercial space required more than just building the best and most versatile trucks and commercial vans in the industry. It required trust from customers. Trust that Ford built vehicles will provide the durability and dependability that keeps customers’ businesses moving forward, unimpeded, and uninterrupted.

Problem heard… and here is the solution.

A growing area of importance to commercial business owners is the warranty coverage that supports their vehicle investment. More than ever before, business owners and Fleet Managers are factoring warranty coverage/recovery into the total cost of ownership and incorporating the value of a vehicle’s warranty into overall purchase consideration.

Utilizing feedback from Fleet Voice of Customer surveys, and from dealership Fleet Account Managers (that’s us 😊), the importance of a more robust warranty was a top priority. With this information in hand, Ford of Canada announced an impressive enhancement to their Vehicle Powertrain Warranty Coverage on core commercial vehicle lines.

This enhanced coverage is being made exclusively to Fleet customer with a FIN code.

Gas Powertrain Warranty is now extended to 5-years or 160,000kms whichever occurs first. This is adding an additional 60,000kms of coverage. Ford understands that Alberta fleet trucks are on the road a lot; they are a mobile office, break room and of course, a Built Ford Tough working machine. This enhancement is perfect for Alberta businesses.

Qualifying Vehicles: 2022 Model Year F-150 (excluding Raptor & Lightning), F-250 to F-600 (Pickups and Chassis Cabs), F-59/F-53 Stripped Chassis, Transit (excluding E-Transit) and Transit Connect. Also eligible are 2023 Model Year E-Series vans.


  1. MORE VALUE: Extending coverage terms to better suit the working vehicle offers greater certainty and peace-of-mind and will result in a lower cost of ownership over the life cycle of the vehicle.

  2. TRANSFER ABILITY & RESALE VALUE: the extended powertrain warranty stays with the vehicle for the entire duration of the warranty period (5 years/160,000kms) and will be passed on to subsequent owners at no expense, provided they are still within the warranty period. This transfer ability of warranty can be beneficial for negotiating resale value and will be more desirable in the used vehicle market.

If your business is considering new Fleet vehicles, the basic extended warranty coverages should become part of the conversation. Buying vehicles for a business, large or small, has become a much more versatile and complicated process. Our team takes care to provide guidance and consultation that is reflective of you and your business goals, and we’ll work with your National Leasing Company also if you wish. We will review not only the warranty options available to you, but we can ensure you capitalize on the current upfitting and purchase incentives, prepaid maintenance plans and even offer in-house leasing and financing solutions to aid in ensuring you have the best, most cost-efficient ownership experience.

Inventory levels are beginning to show signs of recovery, and F-Series truck orders are now being scheduled, with more allocation to come in next few months, so let us help you plan… it is best to chat with our Commercial and Fleet Reps to get the full picture.

Our goal is always to provide businesses with vehicles that will MAKE THEM MONEY!


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