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Welcome To Ford Fleet Network

We have written in past posts and communications that our dedicated Fleet and Commercial team promise a customer service experience beyond what other dealers provide. We talk the talk, but what does it look like when we walk the walk?

It is staying ahead of new programs and making sure our clients are the first to know. If we find ways to save you money, we will make sure you have all the information and support you need.

Ford of Canada has announced a new program designed for Fleet and Commercial companies to earn up to 8% cash back on their parts purchases. Registering for the new Ford Fleet Network program allows you to track all your Ford, Motorcraft and Omnicraft purchases to meet your targets and earn cash back.

It’s quite simple, purchase more and you’ll earn back more.

Ford Fleet Network reward earnings on purchases
Ford Fleet Network Breakdown

Along with earning cash, you will have access to an interactive dashboard with personalized reporting to stay informed on your purchase trends and performance.

URGENT: To qualify for payment in the 1st program period, you must be enrolled before May 1st.

Ford Fleet Network Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is qualified to enroll?

To qualify, you must be operating a Commercial or Government Fleet.

Commercial defined: you will need a FIN code and be a company which has registered or leased for use in business operations five or more new vehicles (any make or model) during the current or preceding calendar year, or that currently operates 15 or more vehicles for business operations in Canada.

Government defined: (1) eligible federal agencies or (2) eligible provincial and local government agencies. The following lists the government provincial or local FIN eligibility requirements: (a) registered or leased one or more new vehicles for use in their operation (any make or model) during the current calendar year or preceding calendar or model years, or (b) currently operating a fleet in Canada of three or more vehicles (owned or leased); or (c) eligible to purchase vehicles off a government contract.

How to I participate?

Sign up at using your FIN code to begin buying Ford, Motorcraft, and Omnicraft parts. Login to view your targets and status towards earning your rewards. Our team at Lacombe Ford and Drayton Valley Ford are available to assist you at any time.

What is the method of payment for my purchase rewards?

At the end of the program period, fleets will be required to claim their earnings. Once the program data is certified, final standings will be posted to the FFN site and a claiming tile will appear. This tile asks that you select your payout option. The payment options are Ford Fleet Care (must have an account to be eligible), or Ford Fleet Network credits. Ford Fleet Care will be sent funds in the amount of your earnings to pay down your billing account. Ford Fleet Network credits will be available immediately after claiming.

Where should I go if I have questions?

Our Fleet and Commercial team is always available to aid in any way necessary. You can contact us anytime and we will work with you to achieve your targets and optimize your earnings. You can also contact the Ford Fleet Network Program Headquarters at 800-382-6826 or should you require technical support.

We have said it before and we’ll say it again… when you choose to partner with our dealerships you are getting a qualified, professional partner that will keep working for you long after you’ve purchased anything. We want to save you money, provide you the best product and be a full-service resource you can always count on. Real People. Real Rewards. Real Easy.

Contact us today and let us get something going for you.

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