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2023 Outlook: Timelines & Expectations for Vehicle Ordering

As we head into 2023, our Fleet Team has their eyes on manufacturing trends and staying up to date on vehicle order banks. While the shortages have improved, it is unfortunately only slightly and many of the most sought-after Ford models are still months away. But keep reading, there is good news.

We’ve all been working through this new way of life for awhile. Forecasting for anything, even a trip to the grocery store has become impossible to plan for. Go ahead, make that shopping list but it’s pretty likely something on there is now on global shortage (right?!).

It goes without saying, ordering and purchasing vehicles is no different. What used to be a simple phone call, a few signatures and a handshake equals truck, now looks quite a bit different. But in a lot of ways, for the better.

We have implemented more efficient systems to make purchasing, planning, and ordering your fleet vehicles easier.

  • Order over the phone or online with a dedicated Fleet Representative, or we will come to you, whatever is easiest.

  • Complete all financial applications and warranty or maintenance products online with e-signing

  • Include all up-fitting, decals and equipment installation right at the time of ordering. We are still a one-stop-shop and will ensure your vehicle is 100% ready to work the moment it arrives. Lessening delivery delays.

  • Continued communication on timeline expectations. You will never be wondering what is going on. This is our full transparency guarantee.

  • All-in, fair pricing, no surprises and no increases after the fact!

  • In-house financing available through our Central Alberta Rentals Wholesale Leasing division. We can completely customize the right financial contract to suit the needs of your unique business. Help to avoid tying up your business line of credit.

We stand by our promise to be easy to work with. Our full-service Fleet Department is entirely dedicated to Commercial and Fleet clients. They care and want to know about your business and finding ways to make it better for you.

With all that being said, let’s get to the point…you must consider ordering your vehicles early this year. Now is the time to start planning. Here are some expected timelines for our most popular Ford models.

  • 2023 F150s: Estimated delivery times are between 4-6 months, however continued challenges with some features and technologies on different trim levels may cause further delays. It is important to talk to our Fleet Experts about your expectations and what is possible.

  • 2023 Superduties: Already, Superduty trucks that are Lariat or higher trim level are sold out for 2023. This means it is unlikely any new builds in these trim levels will be fulfilled this year. The more desirable ‘fleet spec’ trucks, like XL and XLTs, can still be ordered for 2023 but should be ordered very soon as the order bank is filling up fast.

  • Transit & E-Transit Vans: The versatile E-Transit Van is available to order for 2023 however the gas model is already sold out for this year. Estimated delivery between 6-8 months, but our dealerships do have access to a few that are coming for stock\

  • Maverick: Both the Maverick HEV (hybrid) and Maverick gas models are sold out for 2023. If this is the truck for your business, be sure to contact us soon to discuss ordering a 2024 model year. We expect early ordering of this model will be a must for the foreseeable future.

  • Escape: The Escape HEV (hybrid), PHEV (plug-in Hybrid), and gas model can still be ordered for the year. The Hybrid and Plug-in options are selling quickly so ordering early will increase chances of securing an arrival as soon as possible.

Here is our asterisk for the above-mentioned models and timelines: All 2023 model year vehicles may have ‘trim-level specific’ technologies still affected by chip shortages, restrictions and supplier challenges. Some will be able to be retrofitted and worked around while others will not be available for some time.

Do not feel let down if the vehicle you were hoping for is sold out this year. We might have some alternative solutions you hadn’t thought of yet. If we’ve learned anything over the past few years its that creative thinking and ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas are our team’s new way of supporting customers.

Our Fleet Team works diligently to keep informed on these issues and provide the most up-to-date information to clients, to assist them with planning their fleet vehicle requirements for the year, and even further.

So, although the outlook is still influenced by challenges, we are much better equipped and knowledgeable on how to navigate this new way of securing vehicles.

We offer more assistance than ever before using online platforms and digital tools while remaining available to you in-person, wherever you want us to be. Don’t wait, let’s get together and work out your 2023 vehicle plan today!

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