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Fleet Options Expand with Electric Vehicles

It was not too long ago where lunch room small talk barely touched on Musk’s side project; the electric Tesla. A few nods here and there, maybe a reference to “The Jetsons” before getting back to diesel prices vs gas prices and if a Canadian team will ever again win the Stanley Cup.

Yet, here we are. Things have changed. Introducing electric vehicles into your business is showing real promise, not only economically but also in improving your own carbon footprint and reduced maintenance requirements. Fleet options are indeed expanding with electric vehicles.

Our dealer group is taking the necessary steps to be informed and stay in front of this massive shift in the automotive industry. As always, it is our goal to remain your go-to partner when making any fleet or commercial vehicle decisions.

We want what is best for your business, period.

So, EVs as fleet vehicles? What does that picture look like?

Lacombe Ford is in the process of becoming a Ford Certified Elite EV Dealership. This means we will be trained and qualified to sell and service electric vehicles and given access to Ford of Canada’s inventory pool and industry leading training. Not all Ford dealerships are taking this path and they will not be eligible to assist with e-vehicles.

Ford Motor Company continues to offer products that address consumer needs and wants in the emerging EV market place and it’s a certainty that they will become leaders with their best network of certified dealerships across Canada at their side.

Bottom line… we are in the throws of intensive training and infrastructure upgrades to be the best, most knowledgeable electric vehicle dealership in Alberta. This is a front to back, all people on deck process. We are getting things right so you, our clients, can ask all the questions and trust you will get the whole picture when considering EVs for your business.

Right now, we can supply information regarding vehicle types available and their expanded uses, charging options that are quite inexpensive, maintenance requirements and subsequent financial benefits, and anything else EV.

A few points we will discuss:

  • Site Vehicles – if you have a few trucks on site that put very few miles on them. The costs of continued maintenance and fuel could be negated dramatically, all with zero emissions. The initial costs of these trucks are greater than traditional I.C.E. trucks, but EVs are expected to have a longer life use, and operating costs seem to offset and exceed this initial cash investment, along with expected increased re-sale values in the future vs current I.C.E. trucks.

    • Trucks have additional options like on-board generators which can be extremely useful for your workers

    • New connectivity technology in the “work office” cab may be an asset to you by keeping your team connected while out on projects

  • Long Distance Traveling – charging networks are quickly growing and expanding throughout Alberta, including rural areas. Partnerships are being established between manufacturers to open charging capabilities to all makes and models in more locations. It’s becoming a network similar to gas stations and its only going to get better.

  • People Movers – same as your site vehicles, we can assess what you currently have and need in the future, and offer up both EV and hybrid vehicle solutions with similar benefits.

  • The tech in these vehicles is well tested and proven, but we can answer any questions.

  • The requirements for EV charging are often misunderstood, mostly because of unfamiliarity with EV requirements and availability of different charging options. The cost is quite a bit lower than most people expect, both initial capital cost for charging stations, and costs of charging as a whole.

As we begin to offer new EV and hybrid products and services, Lacombe Ford has identified many companies and organizations are also navigating the opportunities to be environmentally responsible and manage their own carbon reduction plans, while also lowering their maintenance costs. If you are one of those businesses, we would like to offer information that may assist you in your efforts and be part of your solution, no matter how small or large electric vehicles may play in your overall plans.

There are impressive carbon reduction data available but also real economic advantages to incorporating EVs or hybrids in business operation. Gas prices and maintenance costs are climbing, making our operating expenses harder and harder to manage. It may be time to start replacing your current I.C.E. (internal combustion engines) vehicles with EV models.

Let’s start with a conversation. We would meet with some of your key people and present the options available to incorporate EV’s into your business plans, individualized to your specific operations.

Electric vehicles are making their mark and can be an excellent solution for businesses to reduce operating costs and invest in a more long-term solution to rising oil and gas prices.

You have questions and we guarantee we have answers. Let’s talk soon!

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