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Expanding Beyond The Traditional

One Team, One Vision and One Purpose!

One silver lining from the unprecedented past couple of years is that companies across most, if not all, industries were catapulted into the online world on some level or another. Better yet, because it was essentially over night that drastic decisions had to be made, consumers were actually patient with us, right? When in the last decade have people been so understanding of wait times, hybrid work schedules, inventory shortages, etc.? Unprecedented times, indeed.

Industries including automotive were given breathing room to adapt and find more efficient and versatile pathways to success. Maybe you agree, or you don't, but expectations did seem to relax and slow down in a sense to make way for a new world and larger space to do business.

Of course, there are still a lot of challenges facing our business community. The hangover from 2020 lingers on as we all know. However, for many businesses, their bricks and mortar location is no longer a limitation to connecting with others beyond on our own backyards.

The LAND Auto Group is taking this opportunity to expand and become Alberta's local Ford store. We are building a team of Fleet & Commercial experts who work beyond the physical dealership where they've set up their desk. By connecting our management teams from Drayton Valley Ford and Lacombe Ford, now, we are a One-Stop-Shop that is digital and mobile!

The LAND Auto Group is growing to serve Alberta better!

On our last blog post we introduced a few members from Lacombe (meet them by clicking here). Now we are proudly introducing some of our Drayton Valley location team.

Top Left: Al Kaun, Commercial Relationship Manager

Top Center: Sally Prisland, Sales Manager

Top Right: Shantel Csada, Parts Manager

Bottom Left: Cory Peters, Service Manager

Bottom Center: Chris Corliss, Assistant Parts Manager

Bottom Right: Stephen Van De Castle, Wholesale Parts Representative

Our hometown values and dedication to community have not changed. Our signs will still be hung at local arenas and our volunteers will continue helping local schools and running community events. Partnering with our group is partnering with dealers who believe in community.

We're your neighbours and we will make doing business with our people easy, regardless of where they are. Providing excellent service throughout Alberta with key processes to make buying parts, servicing fleet and ordering vehicles from our group convenient:

  1. Online Sales Contracts

  2. Online Service Appointment Booking

  3. Parts Delivery to your door

  4. Pick up and Delivery services

  5. Access to inventory and vehicle allocation from two dealers

  6. In-house Decaling, Upfitting and Accessories

Wherever your business goes, we hope to continue to meet your expectations with excellent service and competitive prices. Talk to our Commercial Relationship Manager, Al Kaun, today to learn about how we can help save you money and drive your business across Alberta.


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