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One Stop Shop: Better Value & Service To Drive Your Business

The aftermath from the last couple of years has changed the foundation for how businesses and people buy and service their vehicles. The trajectory of the automotive industry is not to find a way back to how it was, it's to progress and build upon the way it is now. This means that planning and managing fleet vehicles is becoming more custom to your business and requires the assistance of knowledgeable people with all the resources necessary to start, coordinate, complete and maintain your vehicles.

Deal with people who want to drive your business!

Every business faces unprecedented challenges in today’s world. Your light vehicle fleet management team, are no exception. Gone are the days of just calling up the local dealership and picking out a few trucks from their inventory. If you are lucky, you may find one or two trucks out there that will suit your needs but how much time and energy are you willing to spend tracking down the vehicle, equipment and accessories? And, how much is it going to cost?

First, let's introduce ourselves. The LAND Auto Group has built a Fleet department designed for the busy business owner in mind. Our dynamic team spans throughout Alberta and offers experience in sales, wholesale leasing, equipment up-fitting and service. Our attitude is simple, we'll take care of everything so you don't have to.

Our team understands your business and they are here to listen and respond

Top Left: Al Kaun – Land Auto Group Commercial Relationship Manager

Top Middle: Andrew James – Commercial & Retail Sales Manager – Lacombe Ford

Top Right: Sally Prisland – Commercial & Retail Sales Manager – Drayton Valley Ford

Bottom Left: Adriaan Pretorius – Commercial Sales Consultant – Lacombe Ford

Bottom Middle: Jennifer Buller - Wholesale Lease Manager - Central Alberta Rentals

Evan Mason – Operations Manager – Land Auto Center

Getting the right vehicles – let us locate, or better yet let us plan with you. Pricing is better when you order. To buy a truck “off the shelf” today is more expensive and that is if you can find the right one. Ordering your vehicles from factory not only saves you bottom line cost, but building it exactly to suit your needs will save you from paying for options or features you don't want or need. Order times are becoming shorter as the supply chain woes correct. We’ll consult with you and keep you well informed of timelines and delivery expectations.

After Your Order – your time is valuable; you have to control costs and get the complete picture of everything you'll need to ensure your fleet is driving business for you. This is where our One-Stop-Shop service comes in. We take care of everything for you!

  • We'll keep you informed of the status of your vehicles at all times

  • We’ll prep it for delivery as soon as it arrives, VIP priority

  • We’ll custom up-fit to your specifications – quality products and excellent value!

  • We’ll install company decals for you – in house professional services at great prices

  • We’ll deliver it to where it needs to be, when it is done the way you want and need it.

  • We’ll deliver top dollar for trades or we’ll buy your vehicles when they have run their course.

Finance and Leasing Options – Add this to the One-Stop-Shop experience. We continue to provide short and long term leases on vehicles. As rates go up and as the banks tighten the reins on cash, we can provide an alternative catered for you. In house – easy financing – so you can keep your cash and lines of credit open for other things with a better ROI!

After Sales Service – Our parts and service teams understand downtime. They prioritize our fleet clients with dedicated Advisors and Dispatchers to expedite your maintenance and repair visits. We'll get you in and out in no time!

  • We’ll help you overcome supply chain issues on parts.

  • We’ll offer alternative transport options when we can

  • We’ll cater to your maintenance needs with a custom program suited for you


  • We’ll pick-up and deliver your vehicles for service to save you $$

  • We’ll provide detailing services

  • We’ll fix it right the first time

  • We’ll back up our work

Parts, Accessories and more - Manage the maintenance of your fleet in-house? We can be your parts partner.

  • We’ll get you the parts you need with urgency. Our group carries over $2M in parts inventory every day and can often offer same day or 24 hour delivery

  • Drayton Valley Ford and Lacombe Ford are leaders in wholesale parts with timely delivery and competitive pricing. Online ordering now available!

  • Parts for all makes and models! Not just Ford and Motorcraft, have you checked out Omnicraft? Quality after-market parts with the best warranty coverage in the industry and excellent price points.


There is a lot to consider when researching the best place to buy and service your vehicles. We know there are plenty of dealers out there, but many don't have the complete One-Stop-Shop vision. The LAND Auto Group team have taken the time to refine the commercial and fleet service program because we understand it requires special attention. Sales, Service, Parts and our people are how we elevate your experience with us. Reach out and let's set up a no-charge consultation... we want to drive your business!


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