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New Year - How to Secure Your Fleet in 2021

We are anticipating inventory shortages and uncertainty for at least the next 6 months; all while the demand for the newly redesigned 2021 F150 is continuing to rise. LAND Automotive Group is making their pre-order incentives exceptional for their commercial clients… AKA unprecedented times bring unprecedented service!

Now more than ever choosing your Fleet provider is essential. Competition is high and not all dealers are the same, we want to be your dealership of choice for all the right reasons. At the end of the day, what matters to us is that you get the best deal matched with the best service when purchasing your fleet vehicles.

Here are 5 tips to consider when shopping for your company vehicles.

Use A Dealership With A Dedicated Fleet Department: Ford offers special training to fleet teams so they understand all the ways to maximize their client’s budget with the right vehicle, equipment and incentives. Plus, they come to work everyday with only one purpose: helping businesses with their fleet… now that’s dedication.

Pick The Right Vehicle, Not The Cheapest One:

Are you planning on towing? How long will your staff be in the vehicle? Will you be off-road? Buying the right truck is important to ensure the vehicle is ready to work they way you need it to. Ask yourself, if you are in your vehicle for 12 hours a day with 3 co-workers… how long before a supercab is just a bit too close for comfort? If your truck is a mobile office, buy the only truck that really gets that...

Get A Quote Up-Front: You should be able to contact your consultant by phone or electronically and get a written, all-in quote from your Fleet Manager without any hassle, and with full transparency. Ask to see the invoice so the pricing is clear.

Capitalize On Manufacturer Discounts: Usually you can’t combine retail offers with fleet incentives. Sometimes the retail savings are greater so you should ask to see the numbers both ways and compare what makes the most sense for your bottom line.

Include Fleet Upfitting & Accessories In The Sales Process: There are many benefits to including all your equipment, paint protection, decals and upfitting right in the sales contract.

  1. Ford offers Commercial upfitting rebates upwards of $2,000. To learn more about this incentive CLICK HERE.

  2. The cost for the sales department to install in-house may be less than you paying retail after the fact. Not to mention save time and money with a fleet consultant who provides you with one-stop shopping

  3. The cost is manageable when worked into the contract and carried over the term of your loan or lease; versus affecting your operating cash.

See, we had a feeling you would stick with us. Now let’s get to the nitty, gritty of what is happening right now to secure your work trucks in 2021.

  • $1000 Pre-Order Bonus Offer has been extended until the end of January on 2021 F150s (eligible for non-CPA fleet customers)

  • Exclusively with LAND Auto Group, our fleet client’s employees will get X-Plan pricing if they factory order a personal use 2021 F150 (special pricing on a new, high demand truck?? Unprecedented savings indeed 😉)

  • Aggressive Ford Credit and in-house lease rates are available to boost the affordability through the roof!

  • 2021 Ford Superduty have a short build cycle which means we’ve got trucks coming soon! As early as January 31st.

Our local team of experts have grown our small-town stores into a one-stop-shop. We will deliver your new vehicles to your business, ready to go to work the way you need them to. We’re talking decals, striping, paint protection, any accessories or upfitting already installed, washed, prepped, gassed and sealed with kiss (theoretically speaking). It’s VIP customer service that you deserve and we have the resources to do it. Talk to our Fleet teams today and let’s get started on securing your work trucks for 2021. CLICK HERE to contact our Commercial Relationship Manager, Al Kaun.


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