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Inventory Shortages Create Opportunity for Factory Orders

It’s around this time that we start budgeting and planning for the new fiscal year and how we can increase revenue and operating efficiency. Boy, how valuable would it be to travel back to your 2019 self and provide some insights?! Of course, we can’t, but if your 2020 has been anything like ours, all of those plans, budgets and projections from last year were promptly fed through the shredder right about March. But it’s okay. We are about to closeout this year (thank goodness) and move forward and all we can do is work with what we know now. That being said, due to factory shutdowns and stoppages from the Spring, “onsite” inventory is at an all-time low. But that doesn’t mean you will have to adjust your fleet plans for next year, we just need to approach it a bit differently.

Now is the time to look at factory ordering your company vehicles to make sure you have what you need for busier times ahead. With the help of our Fleet & Commercial team, we can review exactly what you need to drive your business. You don’t have to make a minimum order and we are still able to offer some amazing incentives for rebates and up-fitting through the Ford Commercial Connection program. The bonus is that you can order exactly what you want and need. Also, if you have unused Fleet vehicles, the wholesale market is strong right now, ask us how to you can capitalize.

Some key considerations when deciding on your company vehicles

  • Do you need more space for equipment? The F-Series, E-Series and Transit and cargo space. Then our Accessory division can take it further with professional installations of a variety of equipment for any make/model vehicle. You really can design exactly the right mobile shop for your business.

  • Do you have multiple drivers and can you track them? Ford commercial vehicles have never been more innovative. Have you seen the new Electric Transit with amazing tracking and onboard smart technology? CLICK HERE TO WATCH . Then the all new 2021 F150 has gone to another level with Electric and Hybrid options coming soon, but all-around the F150 is built to work with incredible “on-the-road” office & shop features, WATCH THIS!

  • Are you utilizing your company vehicles within your marketing strategy? Our in-house striping and decal division can place important information on your vehicles (Fleet ID #, Phone #s, Logos & everything in between). We can affordably make your fleet a professional mobile billboard.

It’s never been more affordable to upgrade your company vehicles and LAND Auto Group can get you the deal, accessories and decals/striping you want so your vehicles will be ready to get to work! But we get it, times are precarious right now and plans are hard to make. We highly recommend talking to our team about factory orders today because we have alternative solutions, including in-house financing, that can assist with your new vehicle purchases, current vehicles or equipment requirements. We want to help drive your business today and for many years to come.

Contact our Commercial Relationship Manager, Al Kaun at


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