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Forecasting 2022: What Ford Vehicles Can You Actually Get This Year?

It’s no secret that vehicles are in short supply and very high demand. The continuing effects of micro-chip (semi conductor) shortages, manufacturing delays due to COVID’s impact on work forces causing downstream supply chain constraints, and of course shipping logistics, all impede the production of and delivery of vehicles. We anticipate these issues will have an impact well into the summer months and potentially the falls months. This means it’s less about when or where you’ll find your next vehicle and more about HOW to plan and get the vehicles you need for your business.

The Truth About Trucks...

As a top fleet dealer in Alberta, this has been a major pain in the rump. The elusive Super Duty has now become somewhat of a unicorn. They are nearly impossible to find right now and if you do the price will be inflated to account for said elusiveness. You don’t have to be at the mercy of supply and demand on any of the popular commercial vehicles. The solution is to factory order, but let’s make it clear what you can expect.

Super Duties: Order up!! Get building and planning your next F350-F550 Super Duty trucks now and you should plan for a late summer or fall arrival. Things will hopefully gain some speed in the next few months but we are anticipating that first come, first serve rules will still apply. There has been a back log on these trucks, so even as production amps up you’ll likely still experience a long wait time from placing the order to driving one on your work site. This is a, get in line now scenario.

F-150: If you are hoping to upgrade your half-tons, factory orders placed now will likely result in a 6-8 month wait. This has been the typical timeline; however, we will keep a close eye on your trucks and communicate with you if anything changes. Needless to say, the system has not been as accountable as we would like.

F-150 Lightning and Hybrid: Since the reveal of the amazing all-electric F150, the industry has been all a-buzz about its capabilities and placement in the commercial sector. The onboard power generator has triggered a flutter of excitement in the hearts of contractors from all industries. However, in what seems to be the trend with Ford over the past couple of years… the excitement is quickly thwarted with the reality of LONG wait times. We get asked about these trucks all the time, at this point if you didn’t reserve one at the launch you can’t get one. They are simply not available to “walk-ins” at this time and we predict that this will be the same case in 2023.

Rangers: The 2022 model year trucks are no longer available by factory order. So, at this time you’ll be securing a 2023 model year. Expect this popular truck to arrive 10-12 months from ordering.

Maverick Small-Size Trucks: The popularity for these versatile, small trucks has exploded! The 2022 hybrid models are sold out and the AWD gas Maverick are difficult to find. Their unique design and hybrid option is turning heads in the commercial sector. A perfectly suited vehicle to move tools and supplies without breaking the bank at the gas station. They are not a quick turnaround and if you think that your business will be looking towards hybrid technology in the future, consider ordering your 2023 trucks now. The regular engine, AWD Maverick will take 6-8 months from ordering to your hand.

Transit & Transit Connect: The “made for commercial”, new and improved utility van is dominating the business and commercial sectors. 2022 models are sold out and tough to find! Yet another Ford model you can expect to take 10-12 months for the 2023 models to arrive. You can learn more about the amazing features of this vehicle by checking out our recent article HERE.

SUVs: There has been steady improvement on the procurement of the Ford Edge, Explorer, Escape and Ecosport. Wait times are the lowest with around 4-6 months as a general timeline. All of these SUVs can be valuable assets to your business, regardless of the industry. Comfortable, loaded with connectivity and spacious cargo and passenger designs offer a great complimentary unit to join your trucks. Let your pickups do the heavy lifting and towing. Leave the more efficient Ford SUV models for parts runs, client visits and lunch breaks. Don’t forget, Ford is still offering some great incentives for up-fitting equipment suited to your every need.

The LAND Automotive Group is here to help you with all your fleet, commercial and wholesale requirements. A complete on-stop-shop from ordering new vehicles, wholesale parts deliveries, decals, accessories and VIP maintenance and repairs. Let us know what your 2022 looks like and we can help drive you there.


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